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[e-drug] Essential drugs without essential staff (5)

E-DRUG: Essential drugs without essential staff (5)

Timothy raised a few points on this subject to which I wish to 

1.  There might be an element of truth in the ascertion that Africa is 
not doing enough to retain its skilled human resources. However, 
richer countries are doing a lot to poach those resources.  A donkey 
does not move forward merely because it is informed that there may 
be a bunch of carrots at the other end - the carrot has to be dangled 
in front of its face.

2.  Without resources invested in meeting the needs of our staff, we 
just cannot compete.  However, the needs go far beyond salary.  
Apart from creating a favourable, secure environment, there are 
many other aspects that affect staff morale and motivation.  One of 
the worst is having to do the work of two people, especially if  
equipment is not functioning. 

3.  These issues are unlikely to be resolved without effective 
managers who are trained and committed to preserving and 
developing the potential of their staff.  

My plea is for those in charge of distributing PEPFAR funds to look 
beyond the drugs to the patients and the staff who look after their 



Billy Futter
Associate Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
email B.Futter@ru.ac.za
phone 046 603 8494
fax  046 636 1205

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