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[e-drug] Ethics of clinical trials in developing countries

E-DRUG: Ethics of clinical trials in developing countries

Hi Mark

We in our organisation have a special interest in the ethics of 
research in developing countries and and have been trying to develop 
our policy. Ethical issues have been discussed on e-drug before too. 

But one issue we have discussed is the ethics committee  that OKs a 
trial or research study.  Is it appropriate for an ethics committee 
from university or other body in a 'developed' country  to make the 

It has been argued that there are international standards for such 
ethics committees and they are much higher than the standards in the 
'developing' country.  That may or may not be.  However here are some 
issues that might not be considered in the development of trials and 

- Issues associated with consultation and collaboration
- Issues associated with data collection, ownership and access
- Methodological approaches and feasibility in the particular setting
- Strategies for dissemination of findings.

Could there be an appropriate  'partner' ethics committee in the local setting?

I would be really interested in your response, and responses from 
others of course.

Beverley Snell

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