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[e-drug] Essential drugs without essential staff (4)

E-DRUG: Essential drugs without essential staff (4)

Dear E-druggers,

There is no way that the concept of essential drugs will work without the most 
important element: essential staff. There should basically be facilities, 
personnel (qualified) and drugs in order to cater for the health needs of the 
entire population. 

Any disparity in the three will lead to imbalance and distribution and 
appropriate use of such drug commodities. Unfortunately Africa is not doing 
enough to retain the most skilled labour at its disposal and as a result brain 
drain is to be among us for ages unless this is addressed.

But is this, "essential staff" going to stay if they are well remunerated? Are 
there factors affecting choice to stay or not to stay?

Timothy Mahlatsi
Tshwane University of Technology
South Africa

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