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E-DRUG: Pharmaceutical Commodities Management Officer
[some e-druggers have queried why we put adverts. E-drug only puts adverts for 
NGO, UN or non-profit jobs, and it has to be on essential drugs! WB]

Greetings E-druggers,

I hope this message finds you all doing well.

I am writing in hopes of identifying candidates for the Pharmaceutical
Commodities Management position for Interchurch Medical Assistance. The
position will be based in New Windsor, MD, USA.

Attached please find the job description.  I've also printed the text
version below in case there are problems with opening attachments.

Thanks in advance for sharing this within your circles.



Jacqui Patterson MSW, MPH
Asst VP of Programs, HIV/AIDS Services
Interchurch Medical Assistance
500 Main St. Old Main Building
New Windsor, MD 21776
410-635-8726 fax
ART Commodities Management Officer
Job Description

Minimum of a Masters Degree in Public Health, Pharmacy, International
Development, or other related studies

Minimum of 7 years of experience providing technical or managerial
services for an international program focused on commodities management

Excellent organizational skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Detail oriented work style

Ability to work in a high-paced environment

Willingness to travel extensively

Ability to work effectively and independently in a cross-cultural
environment with an EXTREMELY diverse set of personalities and working
styles :-)

Job Summary:
Interchurch Medical Assistance (I.M.A.) is a membership organization of
12 Protestant Relief and Development organizations. Our Members include
Mennonite Central Committee, Lutheran World Relief, Church World
Service, United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, Adventist
Development and Relief Agency, and others. I.M.A. supports the health
related programming of the Membership.

I.M.A. manages four primary HIV/AIDS programs including the newly
initiated Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) program wherein I.M.A. and 4
other agencies form the AIDSRelief Consortium. AIDSRelief was awarded a
5 year grant to support ART Programming in nine countries in Africa and
the Caribbean. Other I.M.A. HIV/AIDS programs the incumbent may support
include the Diflucan Partnership and Tibozole Program, both of which
provide donated drugs for treating opportunistic infections.  The
responsibility of the incumbent will be to provide leadership in
fulfilling our core function within the Consortium, which consists of
procurement and rational pharmaceutical management 

The incumbent would ideally be a highly competent self-starter who
enjoys taking.  Attributes would also include immense patience, tenacity
and creative thinking.

Primary working relationships will be with the AIDSRelief Consortium on
the whole, with the I.M.A. ART team, and specifically with the Regional
ART Commodities Officer, and the HQ Procurement Officer. The incumbent
will report to I.M.A.'s Assistant Vice President of Programs--HIV/AIDS
Program Manager.  The incumbent will be located at the I.M.A.
headquarters in New Windsor, MD.

Essential Functions: 

1.      Based on I.M.A.'s vast experience in drug procurement and
distribution, over the life of the program (January 2004 - January
2009), I.M.A. will be the primary point for drug and equipment
procurement and logistics.    
2.      Manage I.M.A.'s  global responsibility for procurement of
equipment, supplies,    and pharmaceuticals for the AIDSRelief ART
3.      Coordinate training of AIDSRelief partners on forecasting drug
needs, procurement, tracking inventory, and monitoring pharmaceuticals
4.      Ensure that procurement and management procedures follow
respective Ministry of Health guidelines for drug protocols and
equipment specifications.
5.      Ensure that vendor sources will reflect firms that have
experience, quality assurance, and capacity to support timely placement
of required quantities of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and
supplies in the volume anticipated under this program.  Orders will be
placed through an open bidding process with vendors who are in
compliance with the CDC's policies. 
6.      Coordinate I.M.A.'s work with Christian Health Associations with
regard to providing support to participating AIDSRelief facilities.
7.      Ensure that drug procurement systems envisioned will be adapted
to existing regional and national infrastructure.
8.      Facilitate research and development of analysis and briefing
papers on key policy issues related to I.M.A.'s Procurement and
Commodities Management function.
9.      Maintain documentation of all work and decision making processes
under I.M.A.'s Procurement and Rational Pharmaceutical Management

Specific duties-Provide Leadership to the Procurement/RPM team in
achieving the following:
1.      Participation on Assessment and Implementation/Training  teams,
as necessary.

2.      Work with relevant Consortium Members to determine appropriate
products for the use of the facilities we are serving through the ART

3.      Identification of vendors, suppliers, and direct access routes
via manufactures of drugs, lab equipment and reagents, and supplies.

4.      Documentation of Ministry of Health Guidelines and Protocols for
Procurement in each country and maintenance of relationship with
appropriate Ministry procurement-related entities 

5.      Creation of  country by country and global documentation of
current procurement systems and options

6.      For each country establishment of systems and mechanisms, for
the acquisition and delivery of ARVs, lab equipment and reagents, that
are most appropriate to the needs of the country and partners Points of

7.      Identification of potential in-country intermediaries for
responsibilities such as clearance, storage, distribution, etc.
Assessment of the capacity of selected intermediary partners to scale up
activities to absorb the increased load brought by the ART program.
Development of terms of reference for sub-agreements with intermediary

8.      Ensure that Consortium is adhering to all USG and
Country-specific regulations with regard to procurement. (Ex
Source-origin waivers, tender processes, etc.)  Maintain updated
documentation of said regulations.

9.      Analysis of Pharmacy and Laboratory sections of assessments and
work plans. Work with facilities to implement pharmacy related
improvement recommendations identified during assessments-could include
issues of storage, data management, inventory, forecasting, response to
adverse drug reactions, etc. 

10.     Assistance with facility level and intermediary agency  rational
drug management including: forecasting, ordering, destruction of
product, storage, drug management software identification and
assistance, inventory management assistance, etc

11.     Development and implementation of  transitional plan for local
management of procurement in each country.

12.     In conjunction with the Futures Group, design the
Pharmaceutical/Procurement section of the M&E plan including minimum
reporting elements, outcome and process indicators, etc.

13.     Provision of guidance on regulatory issues related to
procurement as the Consortium develops protocols and policies. (ex. Give
input as language for participating facilities as agreements are being

14.     Act as an overall resource for the Consortium on pharmaceutical
issues including where/how best to procure the range of drugs, lab
equipment and reagents, and supplies --particularly those products most
commonly associated with HIV/AIDS and OIs.

15.     Investigation of policy issues pertaining to Procurement (such
as FDA process for non-branded drug approval, Intellectual Property
Rights Issues, etc.) and education of I.M.A. and Consortium partners.

16.     Exploration alternative mechanisms for service delivery, such as
bonded warehousing or bulk purchasing from manufacturers.

17.     Contribution to I.M.A. quarterly and annual program reports on
the ART Initiative.

18.     Establishment and maintenance of documentation and communication
protocol in collaboration with Consortium Members, Country Partners, and
internal I.M.A.

Competitive salary with comprehensive benefits package.  I.M.A. is an
equal opportunity employer.  Send CV/resume by FAX (410/635-8726); email
(carolhulver@interchurch.org); or mail to the attention of AVP
Administration for Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc.,
P.O. Box 429 , New Windsor, MD 21776.

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