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[e-drug] APPROVe (VIOXX) trial publication?

E-DRUG: APPROVe (VIOXX) trial publication?

Dear E-Druggers,
Does anyone know if this APPROVe trial is published any where? (An 
internetsearch in medline, Blackwell publishers didn't give any results).
We don't have VIOXX here in Sri Lanka but there are about 12 registered brands 
of rofecoxib in the market. I would be thankful if anyone having access to that 
article can mail it to me as an attachment. (We don't have access to many 
medical journals!)
Dr.Ruwan Chandana(ruwanprsd@yahoo.com)
Junior Lecturer
Dept. of Pharmacology
University of Ruhuna- Sri Lanka.
T.P. 094 912234801 Ext.345 
Mobile 094 777257803 
Fax. 094 912222314

[As MSD withdrew vioxx after an independent panel supervising the trial 
recommended stopping the trial, there might be no formal publication (yet). By 
the way, also Ranbaxy withdrew rofecoxib from the market. Sri Lanka better be 
safe than sorry, and suspend the generic rofecoxib as well! WB]

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