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[e-drug] Can we document experiences with PEPFAR please? (2)

E-DRUG:  Can we document experiences with PEPFAR please? (2)


The submission of EPN, Nairobi is incisive and
complete. I have always been of the opinion that much
as we appreciate the support given to countries with
poorly-managed resource by the not more
resource-endowed, but better-managed resources, the
intentions of such "assistance" are usually less than
altruistic.  Any wonder why some progressive-minded
African leaders are begining to question the dubious
debt owed to these countries who are probably only
lucky to have better managers of their human and
material resources. 

The significant part of so-called grants/aids given to
developing countries, especially ended up being used
to pay the Experts from these countries, as if they
are all mediocres in these developing settings,
service industries or professionals from these
countries. Much as one conceed that National interests
is important, these shoulc not be pursued at the
expense of interests of the supposed beneficiaries of
assistance. These countries should also roll up their
sleeves and take charge of their destinies rather than
being perpetual receivers of hand-outs often with
strings attached.


K.B Yusuff
Dept of Clinical Pharmacy
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

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