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[e-drug] Let Pharmaceutical Companies Speak (2)

E-DRUG: Let Pharmaceutical Companies Speak (2)

Dear e-drug users,

Every private-for-profit company on planet earth is set-up to make money.  And 
will market its products, this must really happen.  Therefore, when marketing, 
it is only wise to employ the most efficient means.  

In this vein Companies other than those making medicines generally approach 
their customers, the general public directly, because it makes sense. They 
display 'social responsibility' not necessarily because they are showing much 
concern for suffering, but in a subtle arrangement to attract consumers.   

On the other hand, the primary target audience for Drug Companies majoring in 
making prescription medications is not necessarily the ultimate consumer. 
Pharmaceutical Companies must approach Pharmacies to stock their items, and 
induce prescriptions from all the appropriate professionals.  Now, why not sink 
money into this area?  Why should they approach patients in arrangements like 
social responsibility? 

Therefore except if this uniqueness significantly changes and people decide to 
prescribe for themselves, there is real need for more sophisticated marketing 
strategies.  Nevertheless there seems to be no harm for companies to donate 
substances for those in need.  

George Kibumba, MPS (Uganda)
Msc. Student (Sept 2004-Sept 2005),
Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control,
University of Bradford, 
Wardley House, Flat A3, Room 1,
Bradford, BD5 0AE, United Kingdom.
Personal e-mail: kibumba@yahoo.com
Student e-mail: G.Kibumba@bradford.ac.uk

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