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[e-drug] The Truth About the Drug Companies (2)

E-DRUG:  The Truth About the Drug Companies (2)

I agree with most of it. But who will provide the money for research  
when government parties don't want to increase tax for fear of not 
being re-elected, parties who want to get into power usually 
include a "no tax increase or even tax cuts" in their electoral 
manifestos and charities are strapped for cash (the stock 
exchange crash of a few years ago damaged them so much that 
charity  funded research has suffered enormously ever since)? 

It really is a huge problem of very difficult solution.

Moreover, although part of the problem is corruption another 
important part of the equation is doctors' ignorance and inability to 
distinguish between Pharma's propaganda and real science. Very 
busy clinicians really don't have time to sieve through the evidence 
and are easily gullible rather than corrupt.


Dr Valeria Frighi
Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
Churchill Hospital
Tel  # 44 1865 857300
Fax # 44 1865 857311

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