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[e-drug] Vioxx - another block buster goes bust

E-DRUG: Vioxx - another block buster goes bust

Dear E-Druggers,

Here goes bust another of the “block buster” pharmaceutical 
research gimmicks!

But don’t fellow E-Druggers smell a rat in the recent spat of these big 
buck products failing to live up to their claimed promises?

Vioxx bust follows a pattern of events typified as: 

1) a new “breakthrough” product is introduced in the market with 
high claims, very high price and a marketing extravaganza, 

2) millions of dollars are pumped into pushing it through the market in the 
first year of introduction, 

3) suspicion about its safety accompany the product right from the start and 
continue to gather weight, 

4) over the next 2-3 years the suspicions strengthens as more evidence emerges, 

5) in the next couple of years there is clear evidence of their serious 

6) scientific, regulatory and citizen groups start to agitate demanding banning 
of the product and, 

7) the company obliges by “withdrawing” the products and posing as 
responsible corporate citizen.  In this drama the company makes big bucks and 
appears to be the hero at the end!

A few questions come to mind: does the company know, and has indeed planned its 
marketing that way, right from the beginning the rather short trajectory of the 
product life cycle?  And if so, is it because of an undisclosed and secret 
knowledge of the problems of product’s safety?

I am wondering if there has been work done to address these and similar 
questions and if you could indicate some sources of information along those 

Kind regards,

Ayyaz Gul Kiani (B.Pharm, MComH-UK)
Director, Health & Development Consultancy Services

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