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[e-drug] Clinical Pharmacy Intervention Study saves 15 lives/month

E-DRUG: Clinical Pharmacy Intervention Study saves 15 lives/month
[This study highlights the role of clinical pharmacists in patient 
care. On ABC TV, the vice-president of the Australian Medical 
Association praised the relationship between doctors and pharmacists 
and promoted partnership between doctors and pharmacists and patients 
for optimising medication management. BS]

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) Clinical 
Pharmacy Intervention Study (CPIS) has been published in the British 
Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (BJCP) Vol. 57 Issue 4
Page 513 April 2004.

A media release has been circulated.
The media release and the full article are available at

Also see the following articles
The Age
ABC Online

The MEDIA RELEASE starts.........

Fifteen Australian lives were saved as a result of pharmacist
intervention in medicine management during an average four week period,
according to a study of clinical pharmacy services in eight Australian
teaching hospitals.

The independent study, published in The British Journal of Clinical
Pharmacology, also revealed that 88 pharmacy interventions reduced the
length of patient stays in hospital and 156 interventions reduced the
potential for the patient to be readmitted to hospital.

The study focused on one clinical pharmacy activity: when a pharmacist
proposes to a doctor a change to a patient's medicine management.  The
changes were recommended by pharmacists in order to increase the
effectiveness of medicines as well as to reduce potential adverse

Michael Dooley, Director of Pharmacy at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
and one of the study authors, said "In financial terms, the study showed
that for every dollar spent on a pharmacist for an intervention in
medication management, the hospital saves $23.  Pharmacists can save
lives, improve patient care and reduce the length of stay for many

The study has confirmed Australia's Safety and Quality Council's
viewpoint that the provision of clinical pharmacy services is a key
strategy to reduce medication incidents.

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) today
reiterated its calls on Governments and other key stakeholders to work
together to improve access to clinical pharmacy services in Australian
hospitals to improve patient safety.

SHPA Federal President Helen Matthews said: "We are well aware that
errors can occur in medicine prescribing, dispensing and administering
systems in hospitals."

"Safe and effective medicine use is the core business of hospital
pharmacists. This study is among the first published evidence that
clinical pharmacy services do provide a check and balance against
adverse drug events, if they are available."

"With the focus on individual patients, comprehensive and accountable
clinical pharmacy services are an essential component of contemporary
healthcare practice.  By working to ensure that medicine therapy is
optimum, safe and cost-effective, the provision of clinical pharmacy
services serves the interests of individual patients and also the wider
community," she said.

Hospitals that participated in the CPIS were Austin and Repatriation
Medical Centre and Geelong Hospital (Victoria), St Vincent's Hospital
Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital (New South Wales), Royal Brisbane
Hospital (Queensland), Fremantle Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital
(Western Australia) and Royal Hobart Hospital (Tasmania).

Congratulations to the many SHPA members who contributed to the CPIS.
It is great to now this useful data able to be used.

Yvonne Allinson
Executive Director
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
Suite 3, 27-33 Raglan Street
South Melbourne 3205 Australia
Tel: 03-96906733  Fax: 03-96967634  Mobile: 0403353907
Website: www.shpa.org.au     Email: yvonne_allinson@shpa.org.au

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