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[e-drug] RFI: ARV adherence methodology

E-DRUG: RFI: ARV adherence methodology

I want to do small study on adherance to Antiretroviral treatment in
Ethiopia. If any body do have experiance in conducting such research, please
send me the basic procdures and questionneries you have used.

Thank you

Mengistu Taddesse

[Dear Mengistu, I am sure that one or more E-druggers will send you some
ideas. Many ARV related documents are available from www.who.int/hiv or
www.unaids.org  But I am worried that you are in an environment where
(apparently?) no protocols are available how to monitor the use of ARVs. Can
you comment on the guidelines that came with the ARVs?
Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator]

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