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[e-drug] Short Course "Rational Drug Management"

E-DRUG: Short Course in "Rational Drug Management"

Date: 03.05.2004 - 14.05.2004

Interested in a short course in "Rational Drug Management" at the University
of Heidelberg? Still seats available!!!

[Please reply to <short.courses@urz.uni-heidelberg.de>
NOT to e-drug@healthnet.org]

Further information:

Kind regards

Natascha Petersen
Short Courses in International Health
Department of Tropical Hygiene and Public Health
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Fax       +49 - 6221 - 56 49 18
E-Mail short.courses@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

Rational Drug Management

This course is organised jointly by the Department of Tropical  Hygiene &
Public Health (ATHÖG) of the University of Heidelberg and  the Swiss
Institute at Basel.

Contents Overview

Drugs are an essential tool for preventive, curative and  rehabilitative
health care.
However, holistic health care has to  consider drugs just as one tool among
many others and avoid the irrational overuse of pharmaceuticals.

The number and type of drugs  is constantly increasing, while the financial
resources for health care services in general remain limited. Therefore
rational drug management has become an increasingly important topic  in
order to make
optimal use of the drug budget and to offer health  services of the highest
possible standard.

The course uses case studies and experience from high, middle and
countries with contributions from the participants to  demonstrate the
universal applicability of the concepts and principles.

Learning Objective

- To apply the concepts and principles of essential drugs and  rational drug
- To be convinced of the need for a supportive national and  international
drug policy environment and
- To improve knowledge and technical skills for rational drug  management in
their respective services.

Specific Learning Objectives

- Describe the historical evolution and the current global drug situation
- Apply the concept and the principles of rational drug
- Explain the importance of an international and national drug policy
- Apply tools to develop and implement treatment guidelines, an
- Describe the framework and components of a drug supply system
- Apply the relevant tools for the procurement and distribution of
- Explain the elements of drug costs and financing - Describe elements of
drug quality and quality assurance for  rational drug management
- Describe the enabling and hindering factors and strategies for  rational
drug use
- Apply critical drug information management

Target Group

Health professionals and managers with a minimum 2 years experience  in the
health sector and at least 1 year experience in certain  aspects of rational
drug management.


2 weeks/90 hours. Equivalent to 3 ECTS points towards the tropEd European
Master in International Health

Course Coordinators
R. Huss (Heidelberg)
K. Wiedenmeyer (Basel)


Your written Registration should be received by the Department of Topical
Hygiene. Please register as early as possible since the number of
is limited.

Course fee

The total fee for the course is EUR 1.500; for those enrolled in the  tropEd
programme EUR 1.000.

A non-refundable registration fee of EUR 100, which will be credited
the tuition fee, is due no later than four weeks prior to the  start of the
course. If the participant withdraws from the course  less than four weeks
prior to its commencement, a fee of EUR 100 will  be charged.

The tuition fee covers coursework and printed materials and a  bi-weekly
for the Heidelberg public transportation system, but  does not include
accommodation, insurance or other personal living  costs during the stay.

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