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[e-drug] buying good quality TB drugs online at low cost

E-DRUG: buying good quality TB drugs online at low cost
dear E-druggers

Internet drug purchasing has a bad reputation due to all the viagra, HCG and
anabolic spam messages.
However, web technology can also be used for buying essential drugs!

See for exaple the following non-profit providers:

IAPSO/ UN Webbuy http://www.unwebbuy.org/stopTB/procInfo.asp

IDA   http://www.ida.nl/en-us/content.aspx?cid=42

UNICEF:  http://www.unicef.org/supply/index_10363.html

Action Medeor:

Example of for-profit:

Missionpharma: http://www.missionpharma.com/menu/start.htm

Any comments/experiences from E-druggers/


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