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[e-drug] Mailing list virus protection

E-DRUG: Mailing list virus protection

Dear colleagues,

SATELLIFE (www.healthnet.org), a non-profit organization based in the US,
runs this mailing list. We want to reassure you that this discussion group
is protected from viruses. No doubt you have been receiving the numerous
virus messages that are being propagated these days. Many viruses come in
the form of attachments to messages. Do not open an attachment if you are
unsure of its origin. Please make sure that your own computer has virus
protection software that can intercept these messages.

Best wishes,

Leela McCullough, Ed.D.
Director of Information Services

30 California Street, Watertown, MA 02472, USA
Tel: +617-926-9400    Fax: +617-926-1212
Email: leela@usa.healthnet.org
Web: http://www.healthnet.org

[Some viruses use fake adressing, and pretend to come from other valid email
addresses. E-drug NEVER sends attachments, so if you get one from E-drug
with an attachment, DELETE IT! WB]

To send a message to E-Drug, write to: e-drug@healthnet.org
To subscribe or unsubscribe, write to: majordomo@healthnet.org
in the body of the message type: subscribe e-drug OR unsubscribe e-drug
To contact a person, send a message to: e-drug-help@healthnet.org
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