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[e-drug] Experience in changing national health guidelines (3)

E-DRUG: Experience in changing national health guidelines (3)

dear E-druggers

I do not know what other people's experiences are regarding changing TGs.
What I can tell is that, it is critical at national and at hospital level to
have a DRUG AND THERAPUETICS ADVISORY COMMITTEE made up of dedicated people.
The composition varies from one level to another. The committee should meet
regularly to advise on any changes to be made to the treatment guidelines.
It should have a Ministry/Dep of Health representative who takes the message
to up for either a Ministerial Statement or Statutory Instrument to put be
in place. Normally it depends on the urgence of the matter. Changes in
malaria treatment, for instance, can be effected before the peak season.

The committe must also have representation from the Drug Regulatory
Authority to deal with issues like registration or even importation of
unregistered medicines that are needed urgently. Decisions to change TGs
must be based on evidence that can stand any rigour of scientific enquiry.
Otherwise you will have changes taking place all the time.

Lastly remember the TGs are not TREATMENT PROTOCOLS which when violated
punitive measures are to be taken.

I hope to hear others.

Norman Z. Nyazema
Univ of the North
South Africa

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