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[e-drug] African Aids drug plan faces collapse (2)

E-DRUG: African Aids drug plan faces collapse (2)

My support for FDCs for drugs for AIDS:

It is not tenable, on the one hand, to have FDCs for TB and not be able to
do the same for AIDs drugs on the other. Is there any science to prove that
FDCs for AIDs will not work or could be harmful? Taking the drugs separately
does not improve the safety profile. Ingestion as a FDC or as single tablets
produce the same side effects.

It also makes great sense to administer FDCs to improve compliance and
thereby lessening resistance caused by incorrect dosing with single

While Africans wish to co-operate in curbing the spread and preventing
unnecessary deaths of massive numbers leaving behind orphaned young with no
support systems to care for them, should a debate on whether 3X5 be funded
or not, be entertained?

We do need to curb this pandemic before it kills nations.


(Ms)Mariam Cassimjee
Co-ordinator of the KZN PTC
KZN Pharmaceutical Services
E-Wing, Addington Hospital
P/Bag X54318
Durban, 4000, South Africa.
Phone: +27-31-3327090
Fax: +27-31-3681093

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