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[e-drug] Experience in changing national health guidelines

E-DRUG: Experience in changing national health guidelines

Dear friends,

I wonder if those of you who have a working relationship with government
health policy- makers, and others, could advise on how long it takes to
change the following instruments, and also what is the best incentive for
changing these instruments:

National Health Policy, National List of Essential Drugs, Standard
Treatment Guidelines, the National Formulary, and how these changes are
translated into regulatory work by the drug regulatory authority (DRA)

I am looking at the connection between these instruments, and whehter
such connection has an impact or influence on how soon/quickly any one of
these instruments can be changed.

I am aware that an addeda or correction can be made to any one of these
instruments. In such cases, how easily can that addeda/correction be
made? Who is the authorised person at Ministry that can make / authorise
such change?

In the current situation where we have a number of global initiatives (an
example of an incentive for change) which have certain requirements in
respect for example, to STGs, one would hope expect that recipient
governments would arrange a rapid/immediate change of affected
instruments to enable the initiative to be implemented. But, from your
experience, is that the case? Any other comments are of course welcome.



Bonface Fundafunda PhD, MBA, B.Pharm(Hon)
21 Beverstone Road,
Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7LL England

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