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[e-drug] African Medicines Policy needed

E-DRUG: African Medicines Policy needed
[Your E-drug moderator spotted an interesting paper by Gustav Malangu of
Medunsa University in South Africa. Write to Gustav to get the full paper at
gmalangu@medunsa.ac.za  His abstract is reproduced below. WB]

Africa needs to build institutions and establish mechanisms that will
facilitate its integration. In the health sector, many commonalties exist
that can foster cooperation and unification. However one crucial element
that is lacking is the existence of an African medicines policy. The launch
of the African Union, the current international circumstances as well as the
acceptance of NEPAD as the continent strategic policy framework provide an
impetus for the development of a continental policy on medicines. Also
numerous political, health and legal considerations lend support to the
development of such a policy. To implement such a policy, relevant
institutions such as an African Medicines Agency must be created, funded,
staffed and allowed to operate with the full support of African governments.
The Agency would define priority areas and ensure the co-ordination,
implementation, evaluation and monitoring of planned activities.

Gustav Malangu
Medunsa University
South Africa

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