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[e-drug] ARV protocols and needs

E-DRUG: ARV protocols and needs

I am working to try to understand the importance of ARV protocols in the
field.  I know that most countries have adopted a regimen of two NRTIs
plus an NNRTI as first line, and often have a PI (usually
ritonavir-boosted) as second line.  If PIs were to become more easily
available (e.g. cheaper), would they be used interchangeably with NNRTI's
in the field, or would physicians likely stick to protocols?  Or would it
depend on the PI (e.g. high pill burden/ side effects probably not, low
side effects and few pills probably; ritonavir-boosted probably not,
non-boosted yes)?

Michelle Forrest
[please specifiy affiliation next time - thanks, WB]

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