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[e-drug] Design for patient safety, Health Information Design

E-DRUG: Design for patient safety, Health Information Design
[I think you should read this report on patient safety. It is based on the
UK setting (NHS) but the message is good and the
illustrations are really thoughtful. WB]

Design for Patient Safety, a very interesting report was launched in UK on
February 25.


"The report, jointly commissioned by the Design Council and the Department
Health, says healthcare products and services have been designed without
knowledge either about how they will be used or the system they will be part
The result has been that too often the potential for errors has been
overlooked or
inadvertently designed in to healthcare systems."

In contrast to the heavy sentence above, the report is instantly
maybe as a result of its illustrations.

The report is another sign of a coming new profession, Health Information
Design, HID

A meeting with the purpose of establishing an international HID Forum was
arranged in Coventry in December 2003. The report from this event can be
at my website www.lyftingsmo.no under Labelling.

Stein Lyftingsmo
Hospital Pharmacy of Elverum, Norway

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