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[e-drug] UK Considers Antibiotics Study (2)

E-DRUG: UK Considers Antibiotics Study (2)
[Dr Mike Thomas, one of the authors, sent us the original reference of where
it will be published:
Community-acquired pneumonia mortality: a potential link to antibiotic
prescribing trends in general practice. Price D et al. Resp Med
2004:98;17-24. See:
[repair URL!]
Below a first E-drugreaction. WB]

Dear E-druggers,

Some thoughts to share on the subject.

Is consideration for the non-prescribing of an antibiotic in itself
sufficient in assesssing the cause of mortality?

Other factors - correct differential diagnosis between an URTI vs a LRTI,
secondary infections, nutritional status, other comorbidities and age do
play a part in the judicious use of an antibiotic.

A viral URTI may be self limiting in a healthy individual whilst in an aged
patient with co-morbidities, the viral may lead to secondary infections
requiring a differnt STG with the use of an antibiotic.

A study of the data for the deaths may shed more light on the cause of

A review of a STG coupled with training at all levels of healthcare may be
needed to effect the correct the use of antibiotics.

(Ms)Mariam Cassimjee
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