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[e-drug] Prices for Xalantan/Latanopros

E-drug: Prices for Xalantan/Latanopros

[Please send as many price quotes as possible to Jamie Love, but
*not* to E-drug. That means that you should check the address after
hitting the 'reply' button, and correct it if necessary. HH]

We are very keen to get prices for Latanopros (marketed by Pfizer
as  Xalantan in the USA), a gloucoma treatment.

Prices for Xalatan in the USA are:

2.5ML bottle
0.005% solution     $50.99

James Love, Director, Consumer Project on Technology
http://www.cptech.org, mailto:james.love@cptech.org
tel. +1.202.387.8030, mobile +1.202.361.3040

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