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[e-drug] Antidepressants for children banned in the UK (cont'd)

E-drug: Antidepressants for children banned in the UK (cont'd)

Dear E-druggers,

Valeria and Leo are right in their position that methodologies of
studies have to be sound before valid conclusions can be drawn.
What I find questionable is that they base their comments on a
newspaper's interpretation of methodologies and findings. Of
course journalists will try to make it all understandable for a larger
audience. The bigger issue at stake here is that medicines are
registered in our countries that may present a grave danger for
public health. Suicide is more than just an unfortunate
occasional side-effect. I recently read a lot about SSRIs that
makes me *very* worried. Being so we should a) intensively
review the methodologies and findings of the studies involved,
b) take appropriate action if necessary, and c) find out whether
our registration systems are well protecting us from evil. I would
suggest a lively debate on this; not on newspaper clippings.

I asked David Healy to elaborate on Valeria's queries about the
power of the studies that were quoted. 

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