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[e-drug] Antidepressants for children banned in the UK (cont'd)

E-drug: Antidepressants for children banned in the UK (cont'd)

Dear E-druggers,

I fully agree with Valeria that whipping up popular anger and
frustration by misrepresenting such data actually does more harm
than good, and it frustrates those colleagues who want to voice
sounder and better targeted criticisms on trial data and behaviour
of "Big Pharma" in general. We know nothing at all about these
four cases; suicide in depression during puberty is unfortunately
quite common, and there are no reliable data on compliance,
diagnosis etc.; 4 vs zero on a number of several thousands means

Do we need some kind of censorship for HealthNet, as Kirsten
recently advocated, or are we able to have more self-restraint?

Best wishes from an old watchdog,

Leo Offerhaus

Koedijklaan 1a
NL-1406 KW Bussum
The Netherlands
e-mail: lo@euronet.nl
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