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[e-drug] Antidepressants for children banned in the UK (cont'd)

E-drug: Antidepressants for children banned in the UK (cont'd)

[Cross-posted from HAI-Europe membership list. Thanks. HH]

Dr David Healy has published an excellent book about SSRIs and
the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Here are the data:

Title: Let Them Eat Prozac
Author: Dr David Healy
Publishers: James Lorimer&Company (www.lorimer.ca)
ISBN: 1-55028-783-4

This book is a MUST for anyone interested in antidepressants such
as SSRIs/SNRIs, but also for anyone interested in Big Pharma in
general. Not only is Dr David Healy a world-wide renowned expert
on psychopharmacology and its history, he is also an absolute
SSRI/SNRI expert. Although he is not against the use of
psychiatric drugs (he made a fantastic career as a
psychopharmacologist!), he wants 'the truth to prevail', even if it
may damage his career. Healy is, and has been for a number of
years, one of the most influential expert witnesses in
SSRI-lawsuits. Thanks to him, cases have been won and/or
settled. This book gives wonderful inside-information that has
never been published so far. Again: A MUST READ!! 

PS: You may also like to look at www.healyprozac.com
Warm wishes - Frank

Frank van Meerendonk
Consumer advocate
Director Prozac Survivors Support Group Netherlands
Pannenschuurlaan 37
5061 RW Oisterwijk
The Netherlands
Tel/fax +31-13-52.856 31
E-mail: antidote@hetnet.nl 

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