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[e-drug] PRDU Course Pakistan Rescheduled for April 2004

E-drug: PRDU Course Pakistan Rescheduled for April 2004

International Training Course on Promoting Rational Use of Drugs
(PRUD) 18th April-2nd May,2004 Lahore, Pakistan.

TheNetwork for Consumer Protection in collaboration with the
Punjab University, Lahore and the WHO/EMRO invites physicians,
pharmacists, health program managers, officials from ministries of
health, non governmental organizations, universities and other
interested organizations in improving the use of drugs to the PRUD

The course will focus on methods of studying inappropriate drug
use with particular emphasis on the role of prescribers, dispensers,
and patients. Participants are expected to learn practical
approaches for studying and implementing the RUD key features
including drug policy, essential drug list, indicators of RUD, and
proper interventions to change inappropriate pattern of drug use in
the daily practice of health providers in their own country.

The course will be conducted in English and will consist of
presentations, discussions, group activities, and field visits. It is
highly participatory, and the exchange of experiences and ideas
among participants adds depth to the learning process. Course
materials are based on those developed by the INRUD and WHO
and will be moderated by international and national experts from
WHO and Pakistan. The participants will be exposed to a wide
range of international experiences and materials.

* Identification of drug use problems
* STG for improving quality of care
* Factors that influence prescribing patterns
* Influencing prescribing patterns
* Indicators for assessing drug use
* Changing prescriber training
* Evaluation of effectiveness of drug use interventions
* Public education about drug use
* Field exercises to assess drug use
* Planning intervention studies

Course Venue Course location and lodging will be at two venues
first week will be at Hotel Pearl Continental TheMall Lahore (Tel:
00-92-42-111-505-505) and second week will be at Hotel Pearl
Continental Bhurban (Tel: 00-92-51-427082) which is a hill resort.
Transport between the two venues would be arranged by the

Fees and Application
The fee of 2500 US$ covers tuition, course materials, shared
accommodation and all meals. Those unwilling to share
accommodation must be prepared to pay extra for single rooms
(rates are available upon request). Participants should plan to bring
sufficient money for incidental expenses like laundry, postage,
phone calls, etc. Airfare and health insurance are the responsibility
of participants or the sponsoring organization. Applications and
fees are due no later than March, 15 2004.Due to limited seats
available, applicants are encouraged to apply earlier. Please send
completed application form to one of the following addresses:

Course Coordinator PRDU
TheNetwork for Consumer Protection
40-A, Ramzan Plaza
G-9 Markaz
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel # (+9251) 2261085
Fax # (+9251) 2262495
E-mail: prdu2003@thenetwork.org.pk

Application Form
(Attach additional sheets as necessary- Please fill out the form

Surname:                  First Name:                           Sex:

Degree:                     Organization:                        Position:

Mailing Address:
City:                          Country:                                Postcode:

Telephone:                Fax:                                      E-mail:

Are you involved in the activities related to the Promotion of
Rational Use of Drugs (PRUD)? If yes, please, explain for how long
and in what capacity.

What aspects of PRUD are currently being considered active in
your country?

Is there an overall plan to strongly follow the concept of PRUD in
your country?

What are some strengths of your institution / country with respect
to the concept of PRUD?

Have you ever participated in / organized seminars or training
courses on PRUD? If yes, please explain.

How much do you think this training course will help you in
implementing / promoting PRUD in your country?

How do you plan to implement / promote the RUD upon your return

Applicant's Signature:                                    Date:

Azhar Hussain
Project Coordinator - Pharmaceuticals
40-A Ramzan Plaza,
G-9 markaz,
Email: azhar@thenetwork.org.pk
Site: www.thenetwork.org.pk
Tel # 2261085 Ext 243
Fax # 2262495

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