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[e-drug] Crossing borders to fight HIV/AIDS

E-drug: Crossing borders to fight HIV/AIDS

A just published report 'Crossing borders to fight HIV/AIDS: The Role
of South African Multinationals in the Private Sector response in
Botswana' compares what South African multinationals are doing on
HIV/AIDS with what they are doing in their subsidiaries in Botswana,
and with what Botswana national companies are doing.

The study has been financed by Norwegian Aid and was carried out
by Fafo South Africa (www.fafo.no/johannes.htm) and the Botswana
National Productivity Centre (BNPC, www.bnpc.bw).

Key finding:
'There is a long way to go before any of the companies we studied
approach compliance with the SADC Code on HIV/AIDS and
employment and by extension the various national codes that apply to
them in both countries'.

The report can be found at:  www.fafo.no/pub/rapp/426
The full report is about 134 pages, but the table of contents and
executive summary come to only about 20 pages. In the executive
summary the double standards are clearly documented.

Kirsten Myhr, MScPharm, MPH
Head, RELIS Ost Drug Information Centre
Ulleval University Hospital
0407 OSLO, Norway
Tel: +47 23 01 64 11  Fax: +47 23 01 64 10

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