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[e-drug] Website on AIDS Treatments launched

E-drug: Website on AIDS Treatments launched

Duesseldorf, 1 December 2003.

First-ever, Pan-European, Multi-Lingual, Community-based Website
on AIDS Treatments launched: www.eatg.org

"Is a tool to support both individual decision-making and collective
solidarity on AIDS treatments", activists say.

The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) is proud to announce
the launching of new design of its website www.eatg.org The virtual
meeting point for European AIDS activists, open to worldwide
colleagues, has been prepared to hold and reflect the diversity of the
AIDS work on treatment issues, including access to therapies and
access to knowledge.

Democratise access to medical knowledge

"The web has shown that there is no meaning in making medical
knowledge exclusive to doctors, and people living with HIV/AIDS and
its advocates were pioneers to overcome that barrier for their profit",
explains Mauro Gaurinieri (Bologna, Italy), EATG chairperson.
www.eatg.org  is consistent with that trend, and will give an European
community point of view about latest news on HIV/AIDS drug
development and use and the worldwide fight to make them available
to those who most need them but don't have access, according to
Guarinieri. He also mentioned that AIDS vaccine and microbicide
research and political agenda are integrated because people living
with HIV see them as key elements for a future without AIDS.

"I speak your language"

www.eatg.org includes real-time, constantly updated information in
English, French, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German and
Russian. "We have made the effort to offer sections in a wide variety
of European languages. Despite the fact that English is the dominant
language internationally, let aside Science, we want to be close to
ground-based communities and people living with HIV. It is like telling
people: "I speak your language", said Kevin Moody,
Amsterdam-based EATG Board of Directors (BOD) member.

Go East!

www.eatg.org incorporates sections devoted to the different EATG
Working Groups: Access, Eastern States, European Community
Advisory Board, Policy, Vaccines and XX (Women).

It also features a description of the successful Continuous Patient
Education Project (COPE) that has contributed to produce and
disseminate basic AIDS treatment information material throughout
Eastern Europe in local languages, including Russian, Bulgarian,
Latvian, Polish and others: "We pay special attention to people living
with HIV who are also Europeans, but live in countries where access
to the treatments that can save their life is very limited or purely
non-existent. Based on the needs they have expressed by
themselves, the EATG supports information initiatives and put in their
own hands the development of the www.eatg.org Russian section",
declared French activist, EATG BOD member Maxime Journiac.

Europe for the world

Community-owned, www.eatg.org is run by EATG members but
opens the possibility to post documents and news, participate in
forums and add to links to worldwide AIDS colleagues. Visitors will
have access to all past and the current issue of the EATG newsletter
European AIDS Treatment News (EATN). A forum, links to major
AIDS treatment lists and a Conference and events calendar are also
featured to offer a website useful for everyone concerned and
involved in ending the AIDS epidemic.

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