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[e-drug] Thanks to E-Drug for help in Formulary project (cont'd)

E-drug: Thanks to E-Drug for help in Formulary project (cont'd)

Kae Ting Trouilloud wrote:

> I attach (below) the 'bibliography & acknowledgements' chapter of
> the Formulary, which gives a good idea of the main references I
> used. I would be more than happy to correspond with anyone who
> is struggling with the same (formulary preparation, convincing
> doctors they need a limited essential drugs list, etc. :)). Thanks
> again for your help, this email list is certainly a great resource!

Dear Kae,

After experiencing the problems collecting the information, and then
finding online resources such as this list helpful, how about making
your work available online as well?

It would certainly help prevent many from the frustrating task of
reinventing the wheel.

http://www.drugref.org would volunteer in providing you with free 
infrastructure for such online publication, and I would expect that
many other similar not-for-profit educational organisations would do
so too.

Dr Horst Herb, M.D.
coordinator drugref.org
e-mail: subscriptions@gnumed.net

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