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[e-drug] Thanks to E-Drug for help in Formulary project

E-drug: Thanks to E-Drug for help in Formulary project

[Well done, E-druggers! HH]

Dear E-druggers,

I have been spending the last year preparing an essential drugs
formulary for an NGO called Mercy Ships (www.mercyships.org), and
I would like to express my appreciation for the good advice and
encouragements and exchange on this network which were really
helpful. I am very pleased to inform you that the project was
successfully finalised. 200 copies of the Formulary have been printed
for its first run earlier this month, and in November I will be visiting
one of the ships to give a training and briefing sessions to its medical
team, focussing on the essential drugs concept encouraged by the
WHO and on how to use the book. I could not have done this without
the help from all of you and from the WHO Geneva office who
provided me the WHO model formulary and related materials, and
who patiently answered my many questions :).

I attach (below) the 'bibliography & acknowledgements' chapter of the
Formulary, which gives a good idea of the main references I used. I
would be more than happy to correspond with anyone who is
struggling with the same (formulary preparation, convincing doctors
they need a limited essential drugs list, etc. :)). Thanks again for your
help, this email list is certainly a great resource!


kae :)

Kae Ting Trouilloud
Pharmacist/Formulary Editor


The Mercy Ships Formulary Medicines List and Book Guide would not
have been possible without the help of individuals and organisations
that have provided valuable advice and information.

I would like to acknowledge the help from the World Health
Organisation, through Dr Hans Hogerzeil and his team in the WHO
Geneva office, along with the dosage recommendations in the WHO
Model Formulary and 13th Model Essential Drug List 2003.

I would like to acknowledge the advice and valuable links and
contacts proposed by the members and moderators of the email list
'HIF-net at WHO', through the invitation of Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh
and the International Network for the Availability of Scientific
Publications team (www.inasp.info).

I would like to acknowledge the professional information and
discussion of members and moderators of the email list E-DRUG, on
essential drugs and its related policies and activities
(www.essentialdrugs.org/edrug), sponsored by the global health
information network SATELLIFE (www.healthnet.org).

In addition to the above, the following were vital references towards
the dosage recommendations of this Formulary:
1. The Micromedex Healthcare Series Online with its wide clinical
    and drug information database (www.micromedex.com), whose
    access was kindly provided to Mercy Ships.
2. The British National Formulary, 42nd & 44th edition (www.bnf.org),
    along with the assistance of Rachel Ryan, Assistant Editor
    BNF/WMF of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
3. The 2003 edition of Essential Drugs Practical Guidelines from
    Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders
    (www.paris.msf.org), along with the assistance of Veronique
    Grouzard from MSF Paris and of the volunteers of MSF Lyon.
4. The Drug Formulary 2002 of the National University Hospital of
    Malaysia or HUKM (www.hukm.ukm.my), who provided the format
    and base for this formulary along with 5 years of experience in
    implementation, courtesy of Faridah Yusof and her team at the
    Pharmacy Department, and the resources of its Drug Information
    Centre through the drug information pharmacist Michelle Ooi.

I would also like to acknowledge the professional help and advice of
Kinko's Netherlands in Rotterdam, through the coordination and
patient perseverance of Nanny Holtkamp, for the printing work and

Bibliography & Acknowledgements
Most of all, the contribution from years of field experience and diverse
backgrounds and training were invaluable from the countless
volunteers and ex-volunteers of Mercy Ships International. I would
like to specifically thank the following for their help in the proof
reading and editing of the formulary and list: Dr. Bud Busby, Rebecca
Bynum, Jean Campbell, Kate Collins, Colleen Conley, Sonja
Frischknecht, Glen Garrick, Dr. Tony Giles, Ann Giles, Diedre
Graham, Angie Hartman, Shelly Hess, Dr. David Holford, Maria
Holford, Charlotte Huber, Shauna MacLeod, Dr. Ian McColl, Dr.
James McDaniel, Dr. Simon Mackereth, Traci Miller, Rachel Munn,
Dr. Gary Parker, Dr. Jonathan Payne, Kendra Polefka, Jansje
Rozema, Jenny Rye, Daslin Small, Todd Sprinkel, Dr. Glenn Straus,
Dr. Mike Toth, Julien Trouilloud, Julia Watson.

[Kae Trouilloud is a pharmacist and currently a volunteer with
Medecins Sans Frontieres, Lyon, France. Previously a volunteer for
Mercy Ships www.mercyships.org in The Gambia, West Africa; and a
drug information pharmacist for the National University Hospital of
Malaysia. Professional interests include essential medicines,
preparation and updating of formularies, drug information services,
and related training materials.]

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