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[e-drug] New WHO AIDS strategy (cont'd)

E-drug: New WHO AIDS strategy (cont'd)


This is a good initiative as far as improving adherence and cutting
costs is concerned. I am definitely sure that issues to do with the
pharmacokinetics of the different molecules in the fixed dose
combinations will be appropriately handled.

As usual, I want to add my voice to the activists and request that
consideration be made for the CHILDREN who also need these
medications. Is it possible to get fixed dose paediatric formulations?
Can the adult FDCs be suitable for paediatric use? I know that the
bigger number of those suffering with HIV/AIDs are adults and there
is great effort to prevent children from acquiring the disease from
their mothers through PMTCT. However, there is still a big number of
children with HIV and THEY NEED OUR HELP. Lets not forget them
at this stage.

Dr Atieno Ojoo
Chief Pharmacist
Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital
P O Box 42325-00100
GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel 254 2 3763474-7
Fax 254 2 3763281
Email: atisojoo@yahoo.co.uk

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