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[e-drug] Contacts in the field of mutual benefit societies

E-drug: Contacts in the field of mutual benefit societies

Dear e-druggers,

This topic is a little bit outside the direct scope of this forum, but it
does concern social protection and therefore medicines as a

Our association AIM (International Association of Mutual Health
Societies) takes part with ISSA (International Social Security
Association) and the ILO in a questionnaire on the mutual benefit
societies (private, non-profit making organizations providing social
protection) in the world, specifically for these European Eastern

- Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,
Estonia, Slovenia

- Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania,
Macedonia, Yugoslavia

We are seeking contacts in these countries who can help us for a
survey on mutual benefit societies. 

Does anyone have interesting contacts in this field in these
countries and can give me some name or institution and their
addresses and mails?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Philippe Swennen
Project Manager
Rue d'Arlon, 50
B-1000 Brussels Belgium
Phone: +322 234 57 04
Fax: +322 234 57 08

Questionnaire for private, non-profit making organizations providing
social protection

ISSA Technical Commission on Mutual Benefit Societies

Which organizations does the questionnaire target?

The questionnaire targets non-profit-making groups whose aim is
to ward off the consequences of various social contingencies
affecting members and their families: sickness, inability to work as
a result of ill health or accident, invalidity, old age, death, etc.

These organizations combine the two basic principles of insurance
and solidarity.

They practise the risk pooling (or community rating): their combined
contributions cover the risks of individual members. Thus,
members pay a sum which is defined in advance in return for
precise benefits if the risk becomes a reality, rather than having to
pay out exceptional amounts in unexpected circumstances.

Such organizations do not risk selection by excluding those who
have a high risk factor, neither do they base their contribution rates
on the level of risk presented by a particular member (no risk
These organizations are non-profit-making: management surpluses
are retained and used solely for common purposes. They may, for
example, be used to increase financial reserves in order to meet
possible increased contingency costs, to improve existing services
or to meet additional needs on the part of their members, or
perhaps to reduce contribution rates.
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