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Dear E-druggers,

>From the messages that reach me it seems that not all E-druggers
are fully aware of the existence of the E-drug archives at
www.essentialdrugs.org/edrug/archives.php . You'll find postings
there from all 9 years of E-drug existence, and there is a wealth of
information on many subjects. I wonder around there on average
once a week and use the information for  the many projects I am
working on (in addition to moderating E-drug)!  

Just take a look there once and see what you can find. And once
you're there, click back to see also the other language E-drug groups
at www.essentialdrugs.org and i9nformation on what Healthnet is

Hilbrand Haak 
E-drug moderator 

Consultants for Health and Development 
Sleedoorntuin 7                       tel: +31-71-523.2052 
2317 MV  Leiden             fax: +31-71-523.3592 
The Netherlands   e-mail: haakh@compuserve.com 

Visit the CHD website at www.chd-consultants.nl 
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