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[e-drug] WHO definition of Drug Information Centre (cont'd)

E-drug: WHO definition of Drug Information Centre (cont'd)

Dear Kavita,
At the United States Pharmacopeia we do include hospital based
centers in the definition of Drug Information Center (DIC). We define
DIC as a service unit committed to providing drug information as it
relates to therapies, pharmacoeconomics, education, and research
programs.  A DIC provides unbiased information to health care
professionals, patients and/or consumers. Many centers also provide
workshops or other forms of training to enhance the skills of
healthcare professionals. The experience in the United States is that
most DICs are established in teaching hospitals. This location offers
certain advantages because:

- It facilitates the development of responsive information activities, a
  fundamental objective of many DICs. 
- It encourages direct interaction with health professionals, mainly
  drug prescribers. 
- It provides better access to high-risk groups that could benefit from
  patient educational programs. 
- It provides a better opportunity for immediate solutions to
  drug-related clinical cases.
With support of United States Agency for International Development
we have facilitated establishment of DICs in Russia, Moldova,
Mozambique, Nepal, Romania. Most of these centers are located in
hospitals or medical/pharmacy schools. The DICs collect, maintain
and disseminate up-to-date drug information, including adverse drug
reactions, drug utilization review and prescribing patterns. In addition,
some centers publish drug information bulletins, conduct seminars on
rational drug use and pharmaceutical procurement, and are involved
in formulary development in their institutions and geographic areas. If
you need additional information on these DICs please visit our
website at www.uspdqi.org.
Kirill Burimski, MD
Program Manager/Technical Advisor
United States Pharmacopeia Drug Quality and Information Program
12601 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 816-8322 phone
(301) 816-8374 fax
e-mail: kab@usp.org
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