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[e-drug] Kits for Home Based Care and/or Community Based Care

E-drug: Kits for Home Based Care and/or Community Based Care

Dear Colleagues,

It appears that there is renewed interests in kits, particularly for Home
Based and Community Based Care for PLWHA. Having received a
number of requests for information and support, we are keen to hear
from colleagues what their experiences have been to date.

Some specific questions are:
-  What is the ideal content of a kit?
-  Patient ready packs or bulk dispensing?
-  Where is it assembled?
-  How are they distributed?
-  Are some of the supplies replenished, or is it a once-off
-  What information accompanies the supplies?
-  What links exist - for example, what is the link between the home
   based care/ community based care group and the nearest
-  Positive and negative experiences?

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.



Helene Moller
Pharmaceutical and Micronutrients Team
Technical Officer PMTCT and HIV/AIDS
UNICEF Supply Division
Copenhagen Freeport
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Telephone +45 35 27 30 80
Fax +45  35 26 94 21
E-mail: hmoller@unicef.org
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