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[e-drug] Course "Managing Drug Supply" (cont'd)

E-drug: Course "Managing Drug Supply" (cont'd)

Dear Colleagues,

We have been following with interest the ongoing discussion on
e-drug regarding courses on "managing drug supply" for developing
countries where such courses are direly needed. We would like to
bring to the attention of readers, the activities of our organization
which is active in providing training in this area.

Recognizing that this is an area of knowledge that:

(i) is rarely covered in the formal curricula of pharmacy education
(certainly the case in developing countries)

(ii) is quite costly and not cost-effective for developing countries when
offered as special courses in developed countries

(iii) is extremely important if the goals of successful treatment and
quality health care are to be achieved, a small group of concerned
Kenyan pharmacists formed the Centre for Drug Management and
Policy (CEDMAP) in 1998 to address these matters and other
challenges facing the practice of pharmacy in developing countries.

The Centre for Drug Management and Policy (CEDMAP) is an
independent training, research and consultancy centre offering
professional services to the healthcare community. The mission of
CEDMAP is to provide comprehensive training, research and
consultancy services in all areas related to drug management and
policy in the pursuit of improved healthcare delivery in developing

Since 1999, CEDMAP has been conducting an annual 4 weeks
residential course on "Effective Drug Management and Rational Drug
Use" in Nairobi during the months of September/October. We have to
date conducted four such courses wherein we have trained a total of
74 health care professionals and staff comprising of pharmacists,
medical doctors, pharmaceutical technologists, nurses and health
facility administrators from 15 African countries.

To make this course accessible and affordable to those who might
not be able to attend the annual 4 weeks international residential
course in Nairobi, CEDMAP developed a shortened two weeks
version of this course for countries that may be interested in providing
in-country training to their health care personnel. In March 2003,
CEDMAP was commissioned by the Ministry of Health of the
Government of Sudan and conducted this 2 weeks course in
Khartoum for 31 pharmacists employed by the State Ministries of
Health. CEDMAP also conducted this shortened course in Lilongwe,
Malawi in April/May 2003 for 16 healthcare personnel from church
health facilities sponsored by the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical
Network (EPN) of the World Council of Churches and the Christian
Health Association of Malawi. In both instances, the course was
highly rated and well appreciated.

So far, CEDMAP has trained a total of 121 healthcare professionals
from 15 African countries.

Our next annual 4 weeks course will be held in Nairobi from
September 15 to October 10, 2003. The announcement was posted
on e-drug but we provide it as an attachment to this message for
those who missed it.

For further information, please contact any one of us below:

Gilbert Kokwaro, BPharm., PhD.
Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice
University of Nairobi
Wellcome Trust Research Laboratories,
PO Box 43640, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 254-020-2720163/2715160/2710672;
Mobile Tel:  0722323651
E-mail: GKokwaro@wtnairobi.mimcom.net

Rashid A. Aman, BPharm., PhD.
Centre for Drug Management and Policy
P.O. Box 2288 - 00202 KNH
Email: raman@africaonline.co.ke
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