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[e-drug] Course "Managing drug supply" (cont'd)

E-drug: Course "Managing drug supply" (cont'd)

[Great information Kieran. Thanks! This reminds me of an idea I have
had for quite some time, and which I discussed with Healthnet but
never had the time to work out. It is about a website where all courses
available to developing countries would be listed. I believe such a site
would be helpful to developing countries, as Ministries of Health and
NGOs could just visit that site to see what is being organised, and
send their staff to the most appropriate and convenient course that is
available. The contents would be dynamic and updated by volunteers,
who would be continuously on the lookout for information on
upcoming courses. Ultimately, organisations such as MSH, JSI,
WHO, IDA and others who regularly announce in E-drug would come
themselves to announce their courses on this site! The site may focus
on essential drugs related training, but eventually expand to include
other public health areas (for example HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria). A
section on fund finding may be included. Healthnet informed me that
setting up such an initiative requires startup funding, but this might
not be the most difficult part. Most important is that it would need
volunteers to keep the contents updated and interesting. Anybody
interested...? HH]

The posting on the Managing Drug Supply course has certainly
sparked some interest.

As a former participant of the MSH course I can confirm that the
content is of great value. However it is not the only avenue available
to professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in
pharmacy management. 

The JSI 'DELIVER' project (http:/deliver.jsi.com) runs bi-annual
courses on logistics in the USA, as well as regular training events in
developing countries.

The London Metropolitan University runs a course in Pharmacy
Procurement which is accredited by the university as well as the
Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply UK (CIPS). (Contact

I am sure that the above organisations (and others) would be willing
to run their courses in developing countries if funding could be
identified. This would no doubt be more cost effective than bringing
large groups to the USA or Europe. Given the levels of interest in
supply chain training and the existence of funds such as the global
fund for commodities, perhaps funding could be earmarked to
address the needs in skills transfer in the area of supply chain

Kieran McGregor
Freelance consultant and trainer
40 Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex, UK
e-mail: kieran_mcgregor@yahoo.com
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