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[e-drug] Drug donations (cont)

E-drug: Drug  donations (cont)
Dear E-druggers:

I'm responding to Dr. Passmore's report of dumping of inappropriate 
donated  drugs in a major PNG hospital.  Clearly this needs to be 
stopped.  To end it,  it is essential identify the source or sources 
of these donations and educate  (if that is the proper term) the 
donors.  As Dr. Passmore says, inappropriate  donations may be made 
with good intent, and if that is the case, people who  mean well will 
stop when they learn that they cause more trouble than good.

We need to reach those people and suggest more constructive ways to show
their solidarity with people in need.  I wonder if Dr. Passmore would 
suggest a person to contact at the hospital he visited so that we can 
begin the task?

James B. Russo
Executive Director
The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations
146 Koenig Road
Bernville, PA 19506
610 488 8303
610 488 7036 (fax)
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