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[e-drug] Abbott reduces ARV prices (cont)

E-drug: Abbott reduces ARV prices (cont)
      Dear e-druggers,
      MSF would like to point out a few additions and corrections to the
      table of reduced antiretroviral prices published in the Wall Street
      Journal article copied to the list yesterday.

The Wall Street Journal table should be completed with another very important
offer. Aurobindo (generic manufacturer in India) has recently offered a triple
therapy regimen (namely zidovudine, lamivudine and nevirapine) at 
$295 per year per patient. A letter describing this offer has been 
sent recently to WHO (Dr.  Brundtland), UNAIDS (Dr. Piot), the 
European Commission (Poul Nielson, Romano  Prodi), and to the 
Southern African Development Corporation (SADC) (Dr. T.  Balfour). 
The letter was copied to MSF as well.

Aurobindo Pharma has also been able to develop other antiretrovirals 
in addition
to those listed above: nelfinavir, indinavir sulfate, efavirenz, saquinavir,
didanosine, and stavudine.

Furthermore, there should be a correction to the table:  Cipla's, Hetero's, and
Aurobindo's offers are not restricted to sub-Saharan Africa.  There are no
geographical restrictions.


Carmen Perez-Casas
Pharmacist, Access to Essential Medicines Campaign
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Madrid, Spain
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