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[e-drug] Prescription fees (cont)

E-drug: Prescription fees (cont)
I am a pharmacist in community pharmacies and a
master student Master Of Drug Management and Policy,
Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  I would
like to respond to the email from Sanri Terblance to e-drug
about prescription medicine.

In Indonesia the selling price of prescription
medicine on community pharmacies is not based on fixed
structure price.  Generally the selling price for
prescription medicine include:
The product price + mark up percentage + Cost of

The mark up percentage and cost of service defined by
the owner of the pharmacies or pharmacists it self.
Consequently the are different selling price in
different pharmacies.

Fixed professional fees for the pharmacists have not
developed yet.  Pharmacists get only a part of cost
of service ( Cost of service was give to all staff who
work in pharmacies).
In Indonesia, We have not been any experience fixed
professional fee on community pharmacies.

I would liketo know about detail prescription fee in
Afrikan or other countries.

Yusi Anggriani
Community pharmacist and masters student
  yusi anggriani <yusi1777@yahoo.com>
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