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[e-drug] Bringing Big Pharma to Book (cont)

E-drug: Bringing Big Pharma to Book (cont)
Whatever the interest of this book, I am very shocked by this
commercial way of promoting a commodity through the E-Drug network.
First this pseudo-message of thanks from the research assistant of the
Secondly a direct hypertext link with the commercial website Amazon.
All classical tools used by marketing department, not only within
pharmaceutical industry.

That's too much !

Are we so naive within this network to accept this kind of commercial
message ?

Patrice Trouiller, PharmD, MB
University Hospital of Grenoble, France
Fax : +334 76 76 51 09
Email: PTrouiller@chu-grenoble.fr
[The book is about drugs and issues relevant to E-drug. We posted the
RFI, and E-druggers helped him so it is reasonable that he announces
the publication on E-drug.
We apologise for the commercial link, and declare once again that we
will not post messages that aim to promote a particular commercial
interest.  BS in consultation with all moderators.]
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