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[e-drug] RFI: Drug registration in a bulk procurement system

E-DRUG: RFI: Drug registration in a bulk procurement system
[with the differential pricing meeting in Norway coming up,
bulk purchased drugs at much reduced cost might become a reality.
Are the countries ready to buy affordable medicines from such a scheme?
Here some valid questions about registration and patents involved.

As registration and patents are national legal questions, we 
probably need national answers.

Can E-druggers help by sharing experiences with registration
procedures in existing bulk purchasing systems?

Can someone make a list of countries where the pre-TRIPS patent
laws (or the absence thereof!) allows generic ARVs to be imported
without patent infringement? Please note that TRIPS only covers
drugs patented after 1995, so most of the currently used ARVs do
NOT fall under TRIPS in countries that did not have patent
protection before 1996.

Crossposted from HealthGap with thanks; NN]

dear all,

It seems like the stars are lining up to fund a bulk purchasing program for
medicines. Hopefully, the medicines will be purchased at the best world
price, in order to achieve maximum cost effectiveness.

1. In bulk procurement and distribution systems (such as the UNICEF vaccine
program), what does the purchasing agent do about registration of medicines
in countries where the products in question have not been accredited?

2. How might a bulk procurement program that intended to include generic
versions of patented products address the varying patent legislation

Answering this question plays a role in Health GAP's U.S. legislative
proposals, and is something that should be dealt with in by UNGASS as well.

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