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[e-drug] Reports of quality failure by multinationals

E-drug: Reports of quality failure by multinationals
Dear E-DRUG readers,

I am a medical student from Sri Lanka.In our country we do not have a 
good post marketing quality surveillance system for pharmaceuticals. 
In addition the drug regulatory authority is not in a position to 
guarantee bio equivalence between generics and brands. Thus many 
clinicians tend to prescribe expensive brands assuming that quality 
of drugs manufactured by multi nationals is more reliable than 
cheaper generic versions. But the majority of consumers in our 
country are unable to afford such expensive drugs. When asked from 
the officers at the Drug Regulatory Authority they say both generic 
manufacturers and multi nationals are equally responsible for drug 
quality failures. However these reports are never published.

Therefore if any of you know of sources/links with reports of quality 
failure of drugs by multi national companies, please let me know. So 
that we can show those and ask such prescribers to think of an 
alternative to guarantee quality rather than making the poor patients 
pay the price.

Thank you.

Ruwan Chandana
Medical Student,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.
RuwanPrsd@netscape.net (Ruwan Chandana)
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