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[e-drug] Prescription fees (cont)

E-drug: Prescription fees (cont)
Dear Sanri,
These articles have some information:

Huttin C. A critical review of the remuneration systems for 
pharmacists.  Health Policy 1996; 36: 53-68

Moen E et al. Pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals. A new 
culture for the community pharmacist. Pharm World Sci 1998; 20(3): 

Baumber N. Changing the balance between fee and allowance. Pharm J 
1997; 258: 174-5.Ed. Prescription charges: change overdue? BMJ 1998; 
317: 487-8

In Norway there is a degressive margin (mark-up) for registered 
drugs, I think the average mark-up now is under 15 %. There is in 
addition two different fixed fees per prescribed package (i.e. if 
e.g. two inhalers are prescribed, the fees apply to each of them). 
Then there is an additional fee for controlled drugs the reason being 
that there is more work involved in handling such prescriptions. The 
margin and fees are the same regardless
of whether the drug is reimbursed or not. I think in general, in 
Europe at least, the trend is towards degressive margins and 
professional fees. There is no reason why pharmacists' income should 
depend on them selling the most expensive products. The work involved 
in dispensing is the same as for cheaper products. In addition, there 
might be incentives for promoting generics. The rates are fixed by 
the Ministry of Health in discussions with
the associations once a year, and last year's average turnover for 
all pharmacies are used as basis for adjustments (all pharmacies have 
to deliver annual accounts statements to the Medicines Control 



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