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[e-drug] Bringing Big Pharma to Book

E-drug: Bringing Big Pharma to Book
Dear E-druggers ---

Many of you were kind enough to help in my research for Jeffrey
Robinson's new book, Prescription Games. Thank you.

The book, which is an in depth look at the money, ego and power 
driving Big Pharma --- and, especially, the industry's determination 
to put profit in front of life and health --- is just out in Britain. 
It is due out in Canada in June and in the US (plus foreign editions) 
later this year.

The basis of Jeffrey's argument --- and the basic anger that has 
driven him to expose the industry in this way --- comes from the 
fundamental philosophy that underscores just about everything Big 
Pharma does. It is simply this --- that scientists should not worry 
about marketing, and marketing people must never confuse their own 
issues with medicine and science. The first group is soberly 
dedicated to changing the world, to finding that one molecule which 
might, somehow, cure the incurable. The second group is about making 
money for the company. If a drug cures the incurable but has no real 
market, it may be great science but it's lousy business. If a drug 
sells but doesn't cure much of anything, it's still good business.

Jeffrey's anger is, clearly, shared with e-druggers. And while he 
harbors no expectations that the book will move mountains, he hopes 
that by bringing the industry to book like this, if nothing else, 
some people might perhaps be forced to take a closer look at their 
own behavior.

Not surprisingly, the initial response from Big Parma to Prescription 
Games has been anything but complimentary. (They fall back on the 
usual, stale and fallacious argument that intellectual property is 
paramount to R&D). They say Jeffrey simply doesn't understand the 
real world. Considering the way their "intellectual property" 
arguments are endangering lives in the real world, Jeffrey takes 
their annoyance with him as a huge compliment.


This, then, is really just a note to say that Jeffrey is very 
grateful to you all for your help and input. E-Drug is acknowledged 
in the book as one of the most valuable sources of information and 
expertise on the subject. Rightfully so.

Again, thank you all.

Sincerely/ Alan Train
research assistant to Jeffrey Robinson
New York
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