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[e-drug] HAI article discussing GAVI initiative on vaccines

E-drug: HAI article discussing GAVI initiative on vaccines

Dear Friends,

With all the recent news about efforts to improve access, HAI Europe 
believes that there is a need to analyse if public/private ventures will 
actually improve access to needed medicines in a sustainable way. This 
week, HAI Europe published an article in its newsletter HAI-Lights raising 
concerns about the long-term effects of the well-publicised GAVI initiative 
on vaccines.

HAI Europe would like to broaden the public debate on this issue and hopes 
that you will respond to the questions raised in the article by the author, 
Dr. Anita Hardon, via this list.

To view the article, go to: 

With best wishes,

Lisa Hayes, Communications Director, HAI Europe



P R E S S  R E L E A S E

HAI Europe newsletter raises questions about GAVI's long-term impact on 
public health policy

HAI Europe has published the article: "Immunisation for All: A critical 
look at the first GAVI Partners meeting" as the cover story of the March 
issue of its newsletter, HAI Lights. Copies of the article were also sent 
directly to all members of the GAVI Board.

The article, written by Dr. Anita Hardon of the University of Amsterdam, 
raises concerns about the initiative's emphasis on new, hi-tech vaccines, 
its sustainability, the shift away from equity, its deep dependence on 
private sector funding and the lack of transparency now shown in its 
decision-making processes.

As Hardon writes, ".what needs to be examined and discussed openly is the 
question of who is going to direct these important efforts and make sure 
they reach the people who most need them. Who will ensure that public 
health needs are addressed before the private sector agenda or that of the 
research-based industry? Can private foundations, providing the 
overwhelming majority of funds for such efforts, be held accountable in the 
way that governments or UN agencies can? And is it really their role to 
provide the financial support to vaccinate the world's children?"

The article was published in an attempt to broaden public debate on the 
long-term public health consequences related to so-called public/private 
partnerships. In 2001, HAI Europe started a multi-year campaign examining 
public health outcomes linked to public/private interactions. The project 
will focus on widening debate among stakeholders about the value of such 
public/private ventures and will collect evidence about the achieved health 
outcomes of such projects and their impact on local communities.

Health Action International (HAI) is an informal network of some 150 
consumer, health, development action and other public interest groups 
involved in health and pharmaceutical issues in more than 70 countries 
around the world. It believes all drugs marketed should meet real medical 
needs, have therapeutic advantages, be acceptably safe and offer value for 

For more information about the GAVI article or HAI's campaign on 
public/private initiatives, contact:

Lisa Hayes, HAI Europe Communications Director
Tel: (+31-20) 683 3684
E-mail: lisa@hai.antenna.nl

Dr. Anita Hardon, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam
Tel: (+31-20) 525 2670
E-mail: hardon@pscw.
Health Action International - Europe
Jacob van Lennepkade 334-T
1053 NJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 20 683 36 84
Fax: +31 (0) 20 685 50 02
E-mail: hai@antenna.nl

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