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[e-drug] Prescription fees

E-drug: Prescription fees
I am a Master's student in pharmacy practice at the University of the 
Western Cape, South Africa.
In South Africa, the selling price of prescription medicine in 
community pharmacies is based on a percentage markup on the price of 
the product, followed by a discount to either the patient or the 
medical scheme. The Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa has 
developed a new pricing structure where the selling price of a 
prescription item will consist of the cost of the item plus a fixed 
professional fee for the pharmacist. This is to be implemented on 1 
April 2001.
I am interested to find out how prescription items are priced in 
community pharmacies in other countries. Have there been any 
experiences with fixing a professional fee for community pharmacists?
I would appreciate any comments.
Sanri Terblanche
Master's student
University of the Western Cape
South Africa
"Sanri Terblanche" <sterblanche@uwc.ac.za>
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