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[e-drug] Radio program about ARVs & access issues

E-drug: Radio program about ARVs & access issues
  This morning's  50 minute radio program, 'Background Briefing', on 
Australia's Radio National,
covered the issues associated with the current South African court 
case.  It also covered access to essential drugs in resource poor 
countries, activities of pharmaceutical companies, what is CL, PI, 
etc etc.  In short it was a very comprehensive and well made program. 
Jamie Love made a great contribution.  It could be useful for 
students or anyone else wanting a whole picture of the issues.  It 
will be available on the following site by thursday.
If you are interested but can't access it, please contact me 
directly.  I will download it and can send it to you as an attachment.
Best wishes

Beverley Snell
International Health Unit, Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research
P O Box 254 Fairfield Vic Australia 3078
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Fax 613 9482 3123
Time zone: 11 hours ahead of GMT.
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