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[e-drug] 24 March: World TB (drugs) day

E-DRUG: 24 March: World TB (drugs) day
[copied from STB mailing list with thanks;  Sorry for the lengthy email but we 
only do
this once - maybe essential drugs and TB people can work together on this 
How about access to affordable MDR-TB drugs? WB]

*       World TB Day, 24 March 2001 "DOTS: TB Cure for All"
A special "Materials Pack" has been prepared for World TB Day 2001, which
can be found at: http://www.stoptb.org/world.tb.day/WTBD_2001/WTBDpack.htm

*       Resources/TB News
- TB abstracts <http://www.amedeo.com/medicine/tb.htm> - AMEDEO, The Medical
Literature Guide
- Overcoming TB's resistance: Doctors' effort in Peru gives needy a chance
at cure
tml> - The Boston Globe
- EU To Fight Diseases in Developing World
[http://www.stoptb.org/material/news/press/UNwire.010222.htm] - UN Wire
- New isolation device steps out from TV screen
[http://www.stoptb.org/material/news/press/PRnewswire.htm] - PR Newswire
- Yes, Drugs for the Poor - and Patents as Well
<http://www.iht.com/articles/11331.html> - International Herald Tribune
- WHO Evaluates Decentralized Mauritania Programme
[http://www.stoptb.org/material/news/press/Unwire.010221.htm] - UN Wire

*       Events
- IUATLD 24th Conference of the Middle East Region
Sudan, Khartoum, January 20-23, 2002
- IUATLD Conference of the European Region
Romania, Bucharest, April 17-20, 2002 (Programme to be announced)
- IUATLD World Conference on Lung Health 
Canada, Montreal, October 9-12, 2002 (Programme to be announced)

The Stop TB Web Alert is issued weekly by email to partners in the
global movement to stop TB to announce new items to the Stop TB and
global partners' websites. 
Updates are available from http://stoptb.org/updates/index.html
'Stop TB' - a global movement to accelerate social and political action to stop 
the spread of tuberculosis around the world.
For further information please contact the Stop TB Secretariat at stoptb@who.int


*       Interim Coordinating Board

A successful interim Stop TB Coordinating Board meeting was held in
Bellagio, Italy from 20-22 February. The meeting achieved its four stated
objectives: to review progress and formulate priorities for action of the
global partnership movement; to endorse and operationalize the Stop TB
partnership strategy and governance mechanisms; to endorse the plan for
launch and operationalization of the Global TB Drug Facility and Global TB
Investment Plan; to review and approve the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat
workplan and budget for 2001. Representatives from high TB burden countries,
regions, donors, nongovernmental organizations/technical agencies, Stop TB
working groups, WHO, the World Bank, and the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat
attended the meeting, which was hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation at
their conference centre in Bellagio. Members of the Board issued the
following "Statement of Bellagio" after the meeting:

"STATEMENT OF BELLAGIO - first Stop TB (interim) Coordinating Board, 20-22
February 2001

In March 2000, ministerial representatives of 20 countries suffering the
highest burden from tuberculosis issued a challenge in the form of the
Amsterdam Declaration. This challenge called for accelerated action to
control the global TB epidemic. However, to date there is little evidence
that there has been a significant expansion in the use of DOTS. In response
to the challenge from Amsterdam we, the Coordinating Board of the Stop TB
Initiative, representing governmental and nongovernmental agencies,
developing countries, and technical and donor organizations, have met
together in Bellagio, Italy from 20-22 February 2001. We commit to work
together in voluntary partnership to achieve the TB control targets endorsed
by the World Health Assembly in May 2000. To this end we have taken the
following actions:

1. The Stop TB partnership and the board will operate by consensus among the
members. We agreed on our mission, vision and priorities, and finalized
mechanisms for governance. 

2. The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat, hosted by WHO, will coordinate the
development of a strategic plan for the partnership, building on the work
done in preparation for the Global Investment Plan.

3. We finalized the scope, operations and governance of the Global TB Drug
Facility (GDF): 

(a) The GDF will be based in WHO and managed by the Stop TB Partnership
(b) A representative of the Stop TB Board, Christopher Lovelace (World
Bank), will lead discussions with WHO on a memorandum of understanding to
finalize the institutional arrangements for the GDF;
(c) The GDF will be formally launched on World TB Day (24 March 2001);
(d) We recognized the need for commitment to long-term support for the GDF.

4. We will be mobilizing partnerships and resources, and exploiting
opportunities to strengthen the Stop TB Partnership, supporting global,
regional and national TB coordination.

5. We approved the work plan and budget for the Stop TB Partnership

We believe that a firm foundation has now been laid for an accelerated
response to the Amsterdam Declaration, through collective and coordinating
action, and encourage all partners to join this global movement to Stop TB."

For further information please contact the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat
at stoptb@who.int.

*       Global TB Drug Facility (GDF) 

Application forms sent to WHO Regional Offices for the (interim) GDF pilot
projects were returned for the deadline of 28 February 2001. A list of
nominations for a Technical Review Committee to review and prioritize
applications has been circulated to partners for approval. Based on this
review, 12 experts have been nominated to the Technical Review Committee
(TRC). The first meeting of the TRC to review all applications and recommend
countries to receive GDF grants will be held in mid-March. Countries
eligible for the first round of support will be announced on World TB Day,
24 March 2001.

For further information please contact the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat
at mailto:stoptb@who.int.

*       Staff Secondments

The Stop TB Partnership Secretariat continues to seek support from partners
for staff secondments in order to support global action towards
operationalizing the "Amsterdam Declaration to Stop TB". Please contact the
Stop TB Partnership Secretariat at stoptb@who.int for further information.

*       World TB Day 24 March 2001 - "DOTS: TB Cure For All"

A series of global events will be held to mark World TB Day 2001. 

South Africa    Friday 16 March         His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu

New York                Tuesday 20 March                Médécins sans
Frontières news conference

Wash DC         Wednesday 21 March      National Council for the Elimination
of TB/STB Launch of "omnibus bill"; Announcement of successful GDF pilot 

Brussels                Friday 23 March         Global Alliance for TB Drug
Development Publication of Executive Summary of pharmacoeconomics report
Printed materials for World TB Day are now available from the Stop TB
Partnership Secretariat. The World TB Day 2001 folder contains the Stop TB
report on TB and Human Rights, a special edition newsletter, fact sheets,
poster, sticker, and questionnaire. The materials, which are available in
English, French, and Spanish, may be ordered from Ms Mireille Desplobains at
mailto:desplobainsm@who.int and downloaded from the Stop TB website at
http://www.stoptb.org/world.tb.day/WTBD_2001/WTBDpack.htm. The materials
were produced by the IUATLD and the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat.


DOTS Expansion

The draft report of the Cairo meeting was presented at the interim
Coordinating Board meeting in Bellagio, Italy. "Progress in TB Control in
high-burden countries 2001: 1 year after Amsterdam" summarizes the status of
DOTS expansion over the past few years and profiles for each of the 22 high
TB burden countries TB planning status and constraints, the actions needed
to expand DOTS, the partners involved, and the financial needs and resource
gaps required to rapidly expand DOTS coverage. The report is intended to
facilitate identification by potential investors of areas to be supported
and will provide a sound basis, derived from transparent country
information, for monitoring progress towards full DOTS coverage. The final
report will be available shortly.

The second meeting of the Working Group on DOTS Expansion will take place in
Paris, France, on 31 October 2001.

For further information please contact Dr Mario Raviglione
mailto:raviglionem@who.int or Dr Leopold Blanc mailto:blancl@who.int.

DOTS-Plus for MDR-TB

The Working Group on DOTS-Plus for MDR-TB met in Lima, Peru, from 25-27
January 2001 to address address three areas of work: progress of MDR-TB
management, access to second-line drugs, and development of a research
agenda for MDR-TB. Following this meeting, WHO is now in a position to
formulate its future international policy on the management of MDR-TB in
resource-limited settings. Policy guidelines will be issued by WHO in
collaboration with partners in two to three years' time after the data from
pilot projects around the world are evaluated in terms of efficacy,
feasibility, and cost-effectiveness. A full report of the meeting will be
issued shortly by WHO. 

Dr Jim Kim of the Harvard Medical School (USA) was elected chairman of the
Working Group. He will no longer chair the Green Light Committee. The GLC
met on 23 January. A 'PARTNERS' meeting was held on the 24.

For further information please contact Dr Marcos Espinal
mailto:espinalm@who.int or Raj Gupta mailto:guptara@who.int.


*       21st Conference of the IUATLD Eastern Region and the 20th PCCP,
Philippines, Manila, 6-9 March 2001
http://www.iuatld.org/ [please check Conferences and Courses]
*       World TB Day event, South Africa, TBA, 16 March
*       World TB Day event, MSF, USA, New York, 20 March
*       World TB Day event, NCETB/STB, USA, Washington DC, 21 March 2001, 
*       TB Clinical Aspects of Diagnosis, Management, and Control, UK,
Liverpool, 22-28 March 2001
*       World TB Day event, Global Alliance for TB Drug Development,
Belgium, Brussels, 23 March 2001
*       Social Aspects and the People's Participation in Tuberculosis Cure
and Prevention, UK, London, 23 March 2001
*       World TB Day: "DOTS: TB Cure for All" - 24 March 2001
*       27th TSRU (Tuberculosis Surveillance & Research Unit) Meeting,
Münchenwiler, Switzerland, 5-7 April 2001
        [Contact Amy Bisel at KNCV mailto:bisela@kncvtbc.nl Tel: +31 (070)
4167-227; Fax: +31 (070) 3584-004]   

The Stop TB Communiqué is issued monthly by email to global partners in
order to share information on progress in the global partnership movement to
stop TB. Partners are invited to submit news items, progress updates,
comments and suggestions to reynoldsk@who.org. Stop TB Partnership
Secretariat, World Health Organization, 20 avenue Appia, CH-1211 Geneva 27.
Visit the Stop TB website at www.stoptb.org. The site is sponsored by the
American Lung Association www.lungusa.org. Stop TB is a partnership hosted
by the World Health Organization www.who.int.

Throughout the Stop TB Communiqué, "DOTS" is used as a brand name in its
broadest sense as an umbrella term for all DOTS-based strategies, including
DOTS-Plus for MDR-TB and expanded strategies to address TB/HIV.

'Stop TB' - a global movement to accelerate social and political action to stop 
the spread of tuberculosis around the world.
For further information please contact the Stop TB Secretariat at stoptb@who.int

Send mail for the `E-Drug' conference to `e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.
Mail administrative requests to `majordomo@usa.healthnet.org'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `owner-e-drug@usa.healthnet.org'.

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