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[e-drug] Community Pharmacy (cont)

E-drug: Community Pharmacy (cont)
Dear Naziruddin Ahsan,

In response to your request for information a while ago, in New 
Zealand the total population is 3.8 million.

Total spending on pharmaceuticals in the year ended June 1999 was NZ
$1,130,742,000. This is about 12% of total health expenditure. The NZ
dollar is worth about 42 US cents.

There are about 970 community pharmacies.

I did a survey of all community pharmacies and got about a 93% response
rate. In these 892 pharmacies there were 1395 full-time pharmacists, 855
part-time pharmacists, 92 interns (students doing their last year of
training in a community pharmacy) and 996 pharmacy technicians.

Continuing education requirement: although many pharmacists do continuing
education, it is not yet compulsory. It will be soon.

Hope this is helpful,

Pauline Norris

Pauline Norris,
Senior Research Fellow,
Health Services Research Centre,
Victoria University,
P.O.Box 600,
New Zealand.
ph (04) 463 6571 (direct dial)
      (04) 463 6565
fax (04) 463 6568
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